Making LEGO foods with kids

Let’s make sushi, hamburger, and fries with LEGO!

Make our favorite food with Lego was so much fun! We searched our favorite food images (on the internet or books) as our reference. It was kind of hard to pick which food we will work on since there are not many color options in Lego, but it turned out the super fun project! (We enjoyed this activity in 2015)

What you need

  • Reference food images
  • Lego (Any)
  • Lego Baseplate

We picked up some foods first and followed my son’s request.
First-order was sushi.
He told me to make sure I “cook” his favorite sushi “ikura” (Salmon Roe).
Lego sushi
We did it!! Starting on the top left…
Salmon Roe (Ikura), Japanese Horse mackerel (Aji), Octopus (Tako), Shrimp (Ebi)
Sea Urchin (Uni), Giant Clam (Mirugai), Tuna (Maguro), Egg (Tamago)

There is not much color choice in Lego, so it was hard to pick which sushi we can make, but all came out excellent!!

The next order was a hamburger and french fries! My son had never tried soda back then, so I added one.
hamburger, soda, and french fries made of legos -
Mmmmm! Yummy! I want some hamburgers now. We only made foods in 2-D, but it might be fun to challenge in 3-D too!

Happy learning!

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