Felt Fashion Show

Felt Fashion Show - Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained
We found out the felt is very easy to stick to our clothes, so we did a fashion show! Pick your favorite color, and design your designer clothes! You can check some fashion shows on youtube to get some inspirations. Kids can see how models walk the runway too. Don’t forget to pick your kids’ favorite music for the fashion show! (We enjoyed this activity in 2015)

What you need

  • Felt (Any color, Scrap works too!)
  • Kids’ favorite music for the runway!!
  • Fashion show video on Youtube for inspiration  (Optional)
  • Feathers, yarns, ribbons, etc. for more texture (Optional)

Just an example. Iris Can Herpen

Felt Fashion Show - Spongykids.comHe designed his dad’s clothing too!


Easy Activities for Kids - Felt Fashion ShowLook at his walk! So Fierce!!

Happy learning,


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