Playdoh Color Mixing

Playdoh Color Mixing - Learning Activities to Keep Kids Busy
Mix blue and yellow make green. Yellow and red make orange. Red and blue make purple. We played secondary colors project with mixing primary color playdoh. (We enjoyed this activity in 2015)

What you need

  • Playdoh (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Photo by andrew jay on Unsplash

  1. Make sure you mix the same amount of playdoh. Then knead, knead, and knead.

Playdoh Color Mixing_1.jpeg

Red + Yellow = Orange

Yellow + Blue = Green

Red + Blue = Purple

You can show which primary color they use after they mix colors together. I found out the orange was the tricky one. The same amount of red and yellow didn’t make the orange I expected. (It was too red.) Please adjust the amount a bit. 🙂


Happy learning,


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