Pretend Play for Kids: Pizza Shop

Play doh pizza with many toppings

We played the play doh ice cream shop and that was so much fun, so we used the leftover toppings for pizza shop play! Fun innovative customize toppings and super quick delivery service!

What you need

  • Play doh (Any color)
  • Any small stuff (For example small Lego, buttons, beads, googly eyes, shredded paper, small play doh pieces, Cut felt or fabric, etc…)
  • Origami or any square paper for topping box (Optional)
  • Small spoon (Optional)

Play doh pizza with many toppings
Pretend Play for Kids Pizza Shop with play doh

Tomato sauce, orange sauce, yellow dough… all pretty! He was so happy and enjoying put any toppings he likes (As much he wants!).

I made an easy origami box for each topping, but it took a while… totally optional.

Happy learning!

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