Introducing Words for Kids with Block Letters

Spelling puzzles!

One day, I walked into the living room and found my toddler son was giggling, playing with his ABC wooden toys. I looked closer at what he was doing and found out he was spelling! He was copying the spelling of words he found in the living room 🙂 He was enjoying this like a fun puzzle game!

What We Used

  • Alphabet blocks / Any ABC toy or paper with alphabets
  • Books, magazines, and etc. Anything has big printed words.

Copy Spelling - HeavyWhere did you get this word from???

"Heavy" on the cardboard boxOhhhhh!!!!

BIG - Copy Spelling Activity - Fun Learning Activities for KidsBig from Dr. Seuss Book. Good taste.

Spelling_with_Copying_04.jpegWe can read out loud the words!

Happy learning!

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