Easy Counting – Number Lego Cars

Easy Counting Number Lego Cars - Spongykids.com

A fun way to introduce how to count the numbers

I was making numbers from 1 to 10 with Legos (I don’t remember why. Just bored?). Then, my son – who was very into the Pixar movie “Cars” and anything cars related – gave me a fun idea, “Let’s turn them into cars!”. This was a great way of introducing numbers and how to count! (We enjoyed this activity in 2016)

What you need

  • Lego Pieces for making numbers
  • Lego vehicle base pieces (I used 11 of them)
  • Lego small wheels (I used 42 of them)

Lego Numbers from 1 to 10

  1. Make number Legos from 1 to 10. I made them like the photo above. Number 7, I used the bracket piece for the top part.

Counting Numbers - Numbers Lego CarsPlace the numbers on the vehicle base pieces and also place the wheels. I used 6 tires total for number 10. We can count each number by sliding them. We also did a race with all numbers too. It was a fun way to introduce how to count the numbers.

Happy learning!

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