Lego Wall-E and Eve & Photo Shoot

Lego Wall-E looks & growing seedlings!

After we watched the Pixar movie “WALL-E,” my son loved it, and he made his Lego version of WALL-E and EVE. That was the time when our snap peas were growing in our back yard, so we did the photoshoot!


  • I am not sure how my son made his WALL-E. I remember he designed Lego EVE with his imagination, but WALL-E, he couldn’t remember ‘those old times’ (2016…). So, I found this great youtube video.

Builder Family: How To Build A LEGO Mini Wall-E 9 Pieces

This guy made WALL-E with only 9 pieces of Lego! Brilliant! His youtube video channel has many great Lego ideas!

Wall-E and Eve Photo Shoot!

Wall-E and Eve Photo Shoot - WALL-E serious sceneWall-E and Eve Photo Shoot - At-Home Activity with LegoWall-E and Eve Photo Shoot - kids getting ready for photo shoot

Happy learning!

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