Pretend Play Ideas: YouTuber

Welcome to my YouTube channel!

Some YouTubers are massive stars for my son. He does not really pay attention to the movie stars or singers, but he always checks on his YouTuber’s update. Of course, he wanted to have his own YouTube channel, but we told him not until you are much older… So we pretended he was a massive YouTube star!

What We Used

  • Table
  • Any video camera (phone, handheld, etc.)
  • Tripod (Optional)
  • Materials your kids choose

Lights, Camera, Action!

Pretend Play Ideas Pretending like a YouTuber
  • We set the cellphone on a tripod to give a more professional look (Totally optional).
  • Let the kids choose and set up their materials on the table. My son organized everything by himself… No surprise, they know what makes them look better on camera.
  • Then you could be the director. Tell them “Action!”, then film it.
Pretending like a YouTuber Pretend Play Ideas

“Hi guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel!”

  • You don’t need to do anything after filming. Kids totally know what to do. They greet their loyal fans, explain what they do this time, added some sound effects, significant reactions, and more!
  • After the recording, you can watch it together or even share it with your family privately! It was so much fun, and my son seems very satisfied with what he created!

Happy learning!

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