Pancake Art with Kids

Weekend Special Pancake Breakfast Ideas for Family

When my son was three years old, we found one YouTube video making pretty pancake art with a squeeze bottle. It was so colorful and amazing!! My son got so into that video, and we watched over and over again. One day we found “That” squeeze bottle at the store, so we finally tried!

What We Used

  • Squeeze bottle
  • Pancake batter (Since I was a beginner, I didn’t use any food color)
  • Syrup
  • Topping (optional) We used frozen blueberries
  • Oil
  • Electric Griddle
  • Spatula

First, make a pancake batter and put it in the squeeze bottle. (I used a spoon) Then put oil on the griddle then wipe excess oil with a paper towel. Then it’s time for pancake drawing! 

Pancake Art with Kids

Since my son was a toddler, I drew his request. He was so into elements of the periodic table back then, so he wanted me to make cars, hydrogen (H), and favorite Iodine (I) symbols. The electric skillet gets very hot, so please be careful with your kids.

We made so many! Many hearts, more cars, and the element ununoctium (Uuo). The name was back then; now, the name has been renewed to Oganesson (Og). Time flies!

He was so happy to see we did the same thing as the YouTube video. It was such a fun activity and made our weekend so special! 

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