Sense of Taste – Taste and Guess Game for Kids

Taste and Smell: Does your taste come from your smell?

My son was SUPER into the human body when he was in Kindergarten. We started homeschooling when he turned 1st grade, and we adapted anatomy with learning from his favorite book ‘Human Body Theater.’ While he learned about senses, we tried this tasting experiment for fun.

 What you need

  • Spoons
  • Any condiments, spreads, butter, jam, etc. for tasting
  • Items you can cover your kid’s nose and eyes (We used bandana, hat, and facial tissue for the nose)
  • Any board (e.g., cardboard) for hiding the spoons (optional)

Resources for Learning Topics



Human Body Theater: A Non-Fiction Revue” by Maris Wicks

This book is entertaining. It’s like a graphic novel (comic) style, and you will be so informed about the human body after you read!



The Sense of Taste for Kids Tasting Experiment_3We used peanut butter, maple syrup, jam, steak sauce, and chocolate syrup for tasting.

The Sense of Taste for Kids Tasting Experiment2

We covered his eyes with bandana and hat; also, we stuffed nose with facial tissue.

The Sense of Taste for Kids Tasting Experiment1

Finally, we covered the spoon just in case. Then taste one by one, and my son guessed what he was eating. He realized some of the tastes were very hard to tell without smelling. One thing I regret about this experiment was not taking the result. We were too excited to write them down!

Happy learning!

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