Animal Habitats For Kids – Freshwater Habitat

What animals live in the freshwater habitat?

After we learned about ocean habitat, we moved on to learning freshwater habitat. My son asked, “What is freshwater?” The water you are drinking is freshwater. According to the resource video we watched, freshwater is found in lakes, rivers, ponds, wetlands, and streams. Water does not contain a large amount of salt. My son has seen the river, streams, and pond in our neighborhood, but he has never tasted the water from them, so he seemed a little bit confused. So we watched videos and learned about freshwater first.

What We Used

  • Videos about the Ocean habitat (Resources below)
  • Animals live by the river, pond, and stream images from the internet or your drawings
  • Color pencils, crayons, or markers for drawing
  • Letter size paper for drawing the scenery
  • Scissors for cutting out the animal images

I recommend using actual animal images, not the clip-arts, because most kids have never seen these animals except at the zoo.

Activity Ideas

Idea 1: Drawing scenery

After learning about the freshwater habitat from videos and books, draw the scenery.

Idea 2: Adding animals

We printed out the small size of animal images from the internet and cut them out. Place on the Arctic habitat scenery drawing.

Freshwater habitat animals

Kid's Drawing Freshwater Habitat animals
Drawing: Freshwater Habitat animals

Resources for Learning Topics


The Basics of Freshwater: Crash Course Kids 14.1
Life At The Ponds Edge (illinoisnature)
Animals on the wetlands of the Nile | BBC Earth
How Beavers Build Dams | Leave it to Beavers | PBS


Freshwater Habitat (National Geographic Kids)

Rivers and Lakes (San Diego Zoo)

Happy learning!

Photo by niklas_hamann on Unsplash

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