Animal Habitats For Kids – Ocean Habitat

What animals live in the ocean habitat?

Introducing water habitat to my six years old son was a little bit tricky. First, I needed to teach him what is the difference between saltwater and freshwater. He also didn’t know the difference between which animals live in the ocean or fresh water, so we needed to find out that.

We learned that there are massive differences between the coldest ocean (Arctic Ocean) and the warmer ocean (Indian Ocean), so we learned both oceans for our project.

What We Used

  • Videos about the Ocean habitat (Resources below)
  • Animals in the Arctic Ocean images from the internet or your drawings
  • Animals in the Indian Ocean images from the internet or your drawings
  • Color pencils, crayons, or markers for drawing
  • Letter size paper for drawing the scenery
  • Scissors for cutting out the animal images

I recommend using actual animal images, not the clip-arts, because most kids have never seen these animals except at the zoo.

Activity Ideas

Idea 1: Drawing scenery

After learning about the Ocean habitat from videos and books, draw the scenery. (We made two different papers for both oceans.)

Idea 2: Adding animals

We printed out the small size of animal images from the internet and cut them out. Place on the Arctic habitat scenery drawing.

The Coldest Ocean (Arctic Ocean)

Animal Habitats For Kids Arctic Ocean Drawing
Drawing: Arctic Ocean and animals. Brrr! Freezing!

Warmer ocean (Indian Ocean)

Animal Habitats For Kids Indian Ocean Drawing
Drawing: Indian Ocean and animals. Pretty corals!

Resources for Learning Topics


Habitats: Oceans (Discovery Education UK)
Arctic | Exploring Oceans (National Geographic)
West Indian | Exploring Oceans (National Geographic)


Ocean Habitat (National Geographic Kids)

Live Webcams (Aquarium of the Pacific)

The Arctic Ocean (National Geographic)

The Indian Ocean (National Geographic)

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

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