Adjectives for Kids: Character Drawing

Adjectives and Noun Character Drawing

When we were learning adjectives, we had so much fun with many activities. Here is project part 2! We made 20 adjective cards and 10 noun cards, put them in separate jars, and randomly picked them. (2 adjectives and 1 noun combo) Then, my son drew the “Adjectives and noun” characters after he picked the cards! It was so funny and fun! We loved this activity when my son was learning adjectives. Great hands-on learning option too.

Past post about “Adjectives for Kids: Fun Activity Part1” is here.

How We Played

Fun activities for kids learning adjectives
Adjective and noun characters drawings my son did
  1. We used two different color papers for making adjective cards and noun cards. We used blue paper for writing down the 20 adjectives. (We typed and printed out, but you can also do handwriting.) Then, we used yellow paper for writing down 10 nouns.
  2. We cut them apart and put them in separate jars.
  3. My son picked one noun out of the jar.
  4. Then he picked two adjectives out of the jar.
  5. Combine two adjectives and one noun together and glue them on the drawing paper.
  6. Draw and color the character!
  7. Repeat if you would like.

We made three random drawings followed by the adjectives and a noun he picked! Some of them were so random and didn’t make sense! It was so funny! You will be surprised how kids can come up with their drawing ideas!

Fun learning adjectives for kids with activities
My son picked adjectives and nouns and drawing

Activity Prep

  • 2 different color papers *You can use regular papers and use different marker colors for writing nouns and adjectives. We want to use different colors so that kids can be used to tell which words are nouns and which words are adjectives.
  • Materials you want to use for drawing (markers, color pencils, crayons, etc.)
  • Glue or tape to put the words on the top of the drawing.
  • Drawing paper (any paper you like)

Resources for Learning Topics


Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar – Unpack Your Adjectives Music Video
Parts of Speech for Kids: What is an Adjective?

Adjectives Anchor Chart for Kids

March Mishmash! (A Cupcake for The Teacher)

Through searching on Pinterest, I found the excellent adjective anchor chart on this website. I saw so many charts, but I liked hers the most. It is very colorful, fun, and also effortless to understand. Other activities on this website look so fun too. I want to try them in the future!

Happy learning!

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