Color mixing Activity for Preschoolers

Mixing color water together!

We had fun with color mixing with Play-Doh when my son was in preschool. We also enjoyed this activity by mixing color water. I made the primary color and some other color water for him. We had a “chemistry cocktail mixologist set” we have never used, so I put those color water in their test tubes. These sets are made of glasses, so I needed to be careful with him. My son was super excited to do this activity with chemical lab tools because he feels like a scientist. 

What We Used

  • Paint (We used watercolor paints) Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.
  • Water
  • Brush for mixing water and paints
  • Transparent cups or Jars (test tubes are optional)

How We Done

Mixing colors with kids
Pouring green to yellow. Be aware! Spills everywhere!

I highly recommend doing this activity on the bathroom sink or kitchen counter anywhere you don’t mind spills color water and don’t make stains.

Mixing Colors_Fun activity for preschoolers
Choosing which colors to mix! Very serious!!

It was a very messy activity, but he had a blast! It was a great activity to introduce how the color changes after mixing them. It was like chemistry or a magical potion to my son’s eyes.

Happy learning!

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