Blow Art Paint Fun Art Activity for Kids

Blowing paint with a straw!

I researched art activity for my son and found many people tried “Blow Art” with kids. We had all materials at home, and it was effortless and fun to follow the instructions. It gets messy, so if you don’t want your kids’ clothing to get a painting stain, I recommend wearing an apron or art smock! You might also want to get a newspaper, a tray, or a cookie sheet pan underneath the paper, so the cleaning up will be much easier.

I found some great blogs that introducing blow art with step by step instructions.

Blow Art Monsters (Gift of Curiosity)

Friendly Monster Watercolour Blow Art with Straws (Adventure in a Box)

How We Did

  1. We put a large cookie sheet pan underneath the paper first. We mixed the watercolor paint and water on the palette. Then we used the brush for dripping paints on the paper. After placing the straw over the paint drop, and blow the straw!! I think we added too much water to the paint, so the color was very soft. My son wants to use stickers as part of the paint, so he left them on the paper.
Blow Painting with Straws Fun Activity
Blowing paints with straw.
Blow Painting with kids Fun Art Activity
He said he was so tired after the paint was done! Feels like after PE class 🙂

Happy learning!

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