Design Your Own Clothes with Paper

From casual clothes to superhero suits

We enjoyed this activity for our art class. We used some origami papers and some buttons for decorations. I asked him, “If you were a fashion designer, and you can make your own clothes, what would you make?” He picked the color he likes to wear, made the shape, cut them out, and then decorated. I was imagining that he was making some everyday clothes or some fancy dress-up clothes. He was making some superhero suits, helmets, and some casual, comfortable clothes. It was so fun to look at all designs and switched them around!

What We Used

  • Origami papers (Construction papers would work great too!)
  • Color pencils for adding some details
  • Buttons
  • Tapes

What Does it Take to Be A Fashion Designer? / KQED Art School

It was an inspiring video with great creativity and passion. We learned how the fashion students learn how to be the fashion designer and how the fashion designer prepared ahead for their runway fashion show.

Kids Activity idea: Design what you want to wear
Nice comfortable clothes and super fun star pattern clothes
Design Your Own Clothes: Mega man suits and summer clothes
Left: Casual clothes for summer Right: Mega Man suits and helmet!
Art class activity: Design what you want to wear
Left: Some superhero costume Right: dinosaurs?
Design Your Own Clothes with Paper for kids
So many fun clothes designs! Great job!

Happy learning!

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