Landforms: Cut-out Art for Kids

Collage cut-out landforms on the paper

We started learning about the landform when my son was in 2nd grade, and it was not easy for us to understand. It might be easier to memorize them all. However, we have never been to most of them, and it was tough for us to picture them. So we read books, watched videos, and did some hands-on activities repeatedly to be familiar with the landforms.

(Image above) During my son started to learning the landforms: Many drawings!

There is a great website that introduces their landform activity with cut out papers. Their students’ works were beautiful and caught my eyes while looking for some activities for learning landforms.

Paper Art: Landforms for Kids (by

They have great instructions and images! We didn’t have some materials they used, such as scrapbooking paper and textured papers, so I printed out some photos on the internet and mostly used construction papers instead.

What We Used

2nd-grade landforms collages Art Project
(Image above) Many landforms. Mountains, canyon, volcano, river, ocean, etc.

We might have needed more practice to understand each type of landform, but he challenged very well, and he had so much fun doing this art project!

2nd-grade Learning landforms collage Art Project
(Image above) Happy with his landform art project!

Resources for Learning Topics


Landforms, Hey!: Crash Course Kids #17.1

Happy learning!

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  1. This is a great activity to help your son learn his land forms. Hands on projects are always the best! I love using multi-sensory activities to really stimulate their thinking and help all that information stick in their little brains!

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