Flower Dissection: Learning Parts of a Flower with kids

Identifying the parts of flowers

We tried flower dissection when my son was in 2nd grade. He learned about the parts of flowers such as roots, stems, leaves, petals, stamen, pollen, and pistil.

What We Used

  • 3 different types of flowers (We used Azalea, Black-eyed Susan, and the flower we don’t know the name!)
  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels or paper plates
  • Microscope (Optional)

How We Did

We watched this video first and learn about the parts of flowers.

We went to our backyard and collected different types of flowers, and dissected each. Then, compare the parts from three different flowers. It was fascinating to see how the same features of flowers are so different and unique.

Close up of stamen and pistil (I think that was azalea)

My son wanted to see more close up, so he used microscope to see how it looks like.

I wish I could take a picture through our microscope… It was gorgeous and fascinating!

Resources for Learning Topics


Their activity lesson is more organized, and easier to compare each flower part. Very nice!


Dissect A Flower To Understand How They Reproduce (Discovery Place.org)

Happy learning!

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