Teaching Counting Money to Younger Kids

Learning How to Count Money with Playing Game

I had a challenging time teaching how to count money when my son was in 2nd grade. He recognized each coin, but it was challenging for him to count if many coins were mixed.

I wondered how I learned how to count money when I was his age. I think nobody taught me. I guess I taught myself by shopping for some candies at the small candy store back in the day. I ran to the store, super focused on price tags, and then figured out how much I could afford.

However, it was such a long time ago, and it’s not fair to expect the same experience from my son. So many things have changed. I cannot take my son to the small candy shop I used to go to. Also, nowadays, it is hard to find candy for under 50 cents or less at the store. If each candy’s price is over a dollar, the addition would be more complicated for younger children, and it will be hard to know coin value. Hmmm. What should I do? I researched board games that we can play and learn how to count money, and I found one!

What We Used

How We Did

I purchased this board game called “Money Bags” from Amazon. My son was so excited to see many toy play money! It was about $15 back then, but they might have changed the price.

It was such a lifesaver! My son loved it, and playing a couple of times helped him improve his counting money skills. He felt more confident after all. It was great! The game instruction was so fun and straightforward, so he was not overwhelmed either. This game is for 2-4 players and was perfect for our one on one homeschooling situation. I was so glad playing and learning made a positive and happy mood in the class even though it was challenging.

Cat: “I Love Money!”

One of our cats LOVED to lay down on this board game. Once we started this game, she usually came and lay down on the center of the board without any hesitation. I cannot believe how many times she stopped the game! Haha! So cute!

Happy learning!

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