Animal Movements for Kids: Card Game

How do animals move? Do they walk? Do they slither? 

How do animals move from place to place? When we learned this topic, my son learned many new words related to movements. It was so much fun to learn how the animals move with imitating them!

What We Used

  • Scissors
  • The printed PDF file below *Please read terms of use

Free Download PDF

There are some blanks for personalizing or additional cards.


How_do_animals_move_PDF_Spongykids (Download)

Playing Ideas

Idea 1: Animal Movements!

Use “Movement cards.” Shuffle them. Pick one card from the pile and show how the body moves the word you picked. Take turns.

Idea 2: Imitating the Animal!

Use “Animal cards.” Shuffle them. Pick one card from the pile. Imitate the animal you picked. Take turns.

Idea 3: Matching Cards!

Pick one animal from the “Animal card.” Students pick matching “Movement cards.” They can pick multiple cards.

Resources for Learning Topics


Amazing Animals Series from National Geographic Kids on Youtube has many episodes.

Amazing Animals | Nat Geo Kids Youtube Playlist Page

Amazing Animals Page  (National Geographic Kids Website)


Animal Moves: A Listen and Read Book, Level A (Scholastic – Lessons and Ideas)


How and Why do Animals Move? – Bobbie Kalman (Available on epic! Book)

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by Mark Rimmel on Unsplash

Worksheets images are ALL from Unsplash

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