Animal Habitats For Kids: Temperate Forest

Temperate Forest

We have visited the forest, so this habitat was the easiest for my son to picture what it looks like. We were fortunate to see deer while hiking in the forest. We also saw some squirrels and many birds.

What you need

  • Books and videos about the temperate forest habitat
  • Animals in the temperate forest habitat images from the internet or your drawings
  • Color pencils, crayons or markers for drawing
  • Letter size paper for drawing the temperate forest habitat scenery
  • Scissors for cutting out the animal images

I recommend using actual animal images, not the clip-arts because most kids have never seen these animals except at the zoo.

Activity Ideas

Idea 1: Drawing scenery

After learning about the temperate forest habitat from videos and books, draw the scenery.

Idea 2: Adding animals

Print out the small size of animal images from the internet, and cut them out. Place on the temperate forest habitat scenery drawing.

Habitats: Temperate Forest - Learning idea scenery and animals drawing

Resources for Learning Topics

Videos (Temperate forest)

Experience the Magic of Redwood National Park | Short Film Showcase

Temperate Deciduous Forest-World Biomes

Videos (Animals)

Disneynature Bears | Brown Bear Facts

Spotted Owl | Amazing Animals


Temperate Forest Habitat (National Geographic Kids)

San Diego Zoo: Habitats (Temperate forest and Taiga)

San Diego Zoo introduces animals and plants living in the temperate forest. Very helpful!


Temperate forest Habitat related book list on epic! (Available on epic! Book)

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

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