Introducing Camouflage for Kids (Part 2)

Which color was hard to find? Why?

According to a National Geographic article, camouflage is a defense mechanism or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance to mask their location, identity, and movement. 

We did this fun camouflage art activity on Part 1 (Details) inspired by this website: “Learn About Animal Camouflage with Hidden Animal Art” – by Frugal fun for BOYS AND GIRLS

Also, I wanted to teach my son how color matters for camouflage. So I researched and randomly found this great class activity lesson called “Amazing Animal Camouflage!” from . Their plan is great, but our homeschooling is one-on-one. It’s hard to do group activities, so I modified instruction to match our class. 

What we used

Please read their instruction and fun articles and images!

Website: “Amazing Animal Camouflage!” by

  • We did not have pipe cleaners, so we used brown, black, pink, red, green, white, and blue construction paper and cut them in same size small pieces (10 pieces each) 
  • Timer for counting 1 minute
  • Paper for making a graph (You can download “camo-graph” on their website)
Introducing Camouflage for Kids experiment on the lawn 2

While my son was waiting inside, I sprinkled construction paper we cut (total 70 pieces) on our lawn. Then set the timer for 1 minute, then he started to pick as much as he could. To make the result more accurate, he did this activity twice.

Drum roll!! Here is the result! Green was the hardest to pick on the lawn! Our lawn had a dry and brown area, so he had a hard time finding brown paper.

Introducing Camouflage for Kids - Experiment on the lawn

It was very fun activity to learn about camouflage!! My son really learned how camouflage works!

Resources for Learning Topics



National Geographic Resource Library: Camouflage (The article level is for Grades 5 – 12+, but the images they share are great)

Brain POP Educators: Classroom Activities: Camouflage (Classroom Idea)

Critter Camouflage Science Activities (Classroom Idea)

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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