Table Setting and Manners for Kids

Introducing how to set the table and eat properly

We played with food toys all the time back then, and I wanted to try something new. We used real utensils and tried a formal table setting like a fancy restaurant or party. I didn’t even know how to set the table right, so we learned them together! It’s never too early and never too late!

What We Used

  • Plates
  • Glass cups or Any cups
  • Utensils (knives, spoons, folks)
  • Napkin
  • Food toys for bread, salad, main course, and desserts (Your kids’ choice) If you don’t have food toys, you can draw meals on the paper and cut them out!
  • Placemat

The table setting is overwhelming because there are so many different ways and different styles…, but once we know how it works, then we can use it forever!

Table Setting and Manners for Kids

We researched the internet and used the formal table setting one website recommended. (There is so much information about the table setting out there!)

The resource we used: What’s for Dinner? “5 Classic Table Settings Every Host Should Know”

Another resource: Real Simple: How to Set a Table: Basic, Casual, and Formal Table Settings


How to set the table

TedEd: How to set the table – Anna Post

Table Manners

There are some great videos for kids to learn proper table manners.

WhatsUpMoms: KIDS DINING ETIQUETTE 101 (with an Expert Coach!)

Aimee Symington: Manners and Etiquette – Teach Children Table Manners on WCNC

Let’s challenge!

Table Setting and Manners for Kids Pretending to eat salad
Table Setting and Table Manners with food toys!
Table Setting and Manners for Kids Pretending to eat desserts!

So many things to learn, but so much fun! I played the server at the restaurant, and my son played a customer. Our food toy playtime turned into a fancy restaurant. We can use what we learned sometimes!

Happy learning!

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