Introducing Camouflage for Kids (Part 1)

What is camouflage?

According to a National Geographic article, camouflage is a defense mechanism or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance to mask their location, identity, and movement. How can I teach my son about this? I searched from Pinterest and randomly found a great website called “Frugal fun for BOYS AND GIRLS.” This website introduces and shares so many fun and also educational activities. They have a great idea about learning camouflage, and we tried it!

Resourced Source

Website We Used

 “Learn About Animal Camouflage with Hidden Animal Art” – by Frugal fun for BOYS AND GIRLS

Introducing Camouflage for Kids with leaves and drawings

What We Used

Please read the instruction on their website and fun articles and images!


“Learn About Animal Camouflage with Hidden Animal Art” – by Frugal fun for BOYS AND GIRLS

  • paper
  • paints (but we used color pencils)
  • glue
  • leaves and twigs you picked outside
  • lizard image printed out (from internet)

Resources for Learning Topics



National Geographic Resource Library: Camouflage (The article level is for Grades 5 – 12+, but the images they share are great)

Brain POP Educators: Classroom Activities: Camouflage (Classroom Idea)

Critter Camouflage Science Activities (Classroom Idea)


Happy learning!

Photo by MICHAEL MURPHY on Unsplash

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