Art Activity with Kids: Button Tree

Button art and craft ideas for kids

Here is a boredom buster idea for preschoolers. We had so many old buttons in a container, so we tried new art and craft activities. Decorate a bare tree with a bunch of buttons!

What We Used

*CAUTION: Buttons are choking hazards, so this activity is NOT for babies and toddlers. I recommend doing this activity under adult supervision.

  • Construction paper
  • Crayon for drawing a bare tree
  • Buttons

The hot glue gun is optional if you want to put buttons on the paper. (We didn’t use it because we want to use those buttons later for other projects.)

How We Did

Button tree activity for kid_ Picking the button one by one

My son picked his favorite color construction paper, and we drew the bare tree on the paper with a brown and black crayon. My son didn’t want to draw on that day, so I helped with that part. Then he picked the button he liked and placed them on the tree one by one. We could use a hot glue gun to put them on the paper, but we skipped it because we wanted to use it for other projects.

The tree decorated with many buttons
The button tree with cat drawing!

So cute and pretty!! I see a cat drawing is by the button tree! He had a good time, and I had a half-hour quiet and relaxing time while he was enjoying this activity.

Happy learning!

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