Evaporating Salt from Saltwater

How to separate salt from water

While we were learning about evaporation, we found some experiment ideas about separating salt from water.

What We Used

  • 1 tbsp Salt and 1/4 cup of Water (Mix them until the salt dissolved completely)
  • Gravels (Optional)
  • Aluminum baking tray (Any tray is OK but avoid white color. It will be hard to see the salt. Cookie baking sheet might work as well!)

What We Did

Put about one tablespoon of salt into 1/4 cup of water, and mix them until the salt is completely dissolved. Put some saltwater mixture into the aluminum baking pan and leave it for a couple of days. (Optional: We added some gravels to make it like the shore.)

Salt evaporation Experiment_Saltwater and gravels
Saltwater and gravels on the aluminum baking tray
Salt evaporation Experiment_1 day later
The saltwater evaporated, but still, it is not entirely dried.

We left the pan close to the heating vent to make the saltwater evaporated faster. Just one day later, it almost dried. We left them a few more days.

Salt evaporation Experiment_2 days later
Saltwater has completely evaporated, and you can see some salt crystals!
Close-up of salt: Evaporation salt experiment
Close-up of salt. You can see some salt crystals are almost like a square!

Resources for Learning Topics


Evaporation of Salt Solution / Yeo Yong Kiat

This video shows the evaporation of salt with the boiling process.

Water evaporation experiment / SydneyWaterTV

This video is explaining what water evaporation is with a fun experiment.


How to Separate Salt from Water (Education.com)

Happy learning!

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