Pretend Play for Kids: Ice Cream Shop

Play Doh Ice Cream with Fun Toppings!

When we went to the ice cream shop, my son was always amazed by their topping options. I gathered small stuff from our home as ice cream toppings, and we made an ice cream shop for pretend play.

What We Used

  • Play doh (Any color)
  • Construction paper or any paper (for ice cream corn)
  • Glue or tape
  • Pencil or marker
  • Any small stuff (For example small Lego, buttons, beads, googly eyes, shredded paper, small play doh pieces, Cut felt or fabric, etc…)
  • Origami or any square paper for topping box (Optional)
  • Small spoon (Optional)

Ice Cream Cone Toppings Play doh Ice cream shop

I used orange construction paper for ice cream corns. Make a corn shape and put it together with tape or glue. I drew some lines on corns for waffle corn look.

Also, I made easy origami boxes for each toppings. It was easy, but it took a while to make many of them… totally optional.

How to play an ice cream shop with stuff you might have at home.

He was so happy and enjoying put any toppings he likes (As much he wants!).

Play doh ice cream shop Ice cream with toppings

Wow! The broken sparkly button is a good touch! Looks so yummy!

At-home activities for kids Playdoh ice cream shop

I know. Those are not edible but looks so good!

Ice Cream Cone Toppings Play doh Ice cream shop

We can use so many toppings if you cut or shredded some paper. Cut out from the weekly ad paper might be fun too!

Happy learning!

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