Perler Beads Pac-Man Ghost Pendant

The DIY Iron Beads Idea

Here is a pendant I made for fun (My son didn’t make it). Classic arcade game Pac-Man has a character called Blinky, and it’s super cute to me, so I made with iron beads (Perler beads), and added a jump ring and gold chain. Blinky-Bling necklace!

What We Used

  • Iron beads (Red, Black, and White)
  • Iron beads pegboard
  • Iron
  • Ironing paper (or parchment paper)
  • Jump ring (The size depends on which gold chain you use. Thinner but bigger size is more comfortable to connect the hole of the bead.)
  • Gold chain  (jump ring needs to be fit)
  • Jewelry Pliers

First, we need to make Blinky with Iron beads. I made my Blinky a long time ago, so I forgot which pattern I used. So I made the pattern by myself based on what I made.

Pac Man Ghost Iron Beads (Perler Beads) Pattern

After you made the shape on the pegboard, place iron paper on the top of it and iron it. The top part needs to connect with a jump ring, so please secure it tightly. If the hole is closed, you can carefully open the gap with an icepick or small driver. (This is the grown-up job. Please be careful with using iron and icepick!)

Then, connect the gold chain and Blinky with a jump ring. There is some tutorial on how to open and close the jump ring.

Perler Beads Pac-Man Ghost Pendant

Very cute!

Kids with Perler Beads Pac-Man Ghost Pendant

Looks good on you!

Once you know how to use jewelry pilers and jump ring, you can make many pendants with your kids’ favorite characters!

Happy learning!

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