Pretend Play Ideas: Cooking Show

Kids can enjoy cooking without using a stove

My son loved to watch kids cooking show. One day he told me, “I wish I can cook what they cook.” I thought he was too little to use a big knife and gas stoves back then, so I made ingredients with pipe cleaners, leftover felts, construction papers, toy foods, towels, etc…  anything looked similar to the ingredients. He was so happy!

What We Used

  • Kid-friendly cooking show (youtube, Netflix, etc.)
  • Toy knife (If you don’t have it, you can cut the cardboard box or make a knife shape with aluminum foil)
  • Kitchen tools in your kitchen (DON’T use any tools with sharp points or blades)
  • All ingredients imitations (pipe cleaners, leftover felts, cut out construction papers, toy foods, towels, Play doh, etc… )

Pretend Play Ideas Cooking Show with watching Youtube cooking videos

I forgot which show on Youtube, but he wanted to cook “Mapo Tofu with deep-fried tofu. We used a white towel as rice and put it in the bowl. Cut felt and pipe cleaners as other ingredients like green onions, deep-fried tofu, and ground pork. I set up each ingredient in the cups like the cooking show does.

Setting up the ingredients and kitchen tools are done, let’s cook! He was super excited! We needed to pause the video many times for cooking step by step.

Pretend Play Ideas Cooking Show with kids

“Mommy! Done!”

Cooking Show pretend play Mapo Tofu

It looks delicious!! I played the customer and enjoyed the chef’s special dish. Then he said, “I want to do this again!!” So we started over and over again. He enjoyed it so much, and it was worth preparing all those ingredients. 🙂 I think any stir-fried food is easier to make. Here are some ideas.

Videos (Other food videos)

Happy learning!

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