Living and Non Living Things Activity: Sorting Game

What are the living thing and non-living things?

We learned about “Living and Nonliving Things” for 1st Grade science. What makes something a living thing? Do mushrooms alive? How about the clouds in the sky? We learned this topic with a sorting activity.

What We Used

  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • The printed PDF file below *Please read terms of use

Free Download PDF



I made two versions. The version has pictures, and the other is blank for personalizing the cards.

Resources for Learning Topics


It’s Alive! | Biology for Kids


Living or Non-living? (Science World: Science Museum in Vancouver, BC.)

Science World’s website has AMAZING resources for science activities! (All resources page)


Living or Nonliving? (Kelli Hicks) – Available on epic

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by Philippine FITAMANT on Unsplash

Worksheets images are on Unsplash

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