LEGO Math Activities: Probability and Odds

Inspired by the Galton Board

We visited the science museum, and my son was so impressed by the machine that shows how probability works. It might be called the Galton Board or the bean Machine. We got the inspiration from them and made the marble run toy with legos.

What We Used

  • Lego Baseplate (10×10)
  • 1×4 Lego Brick Pieces (approx. 11)
  • 1×2 Lego Brick Pieces (approx. 74)
  • 1×3 Lego Brick Pieces (approx. 10) (We used them because we ran out the 1×2 bricks)
  • 1×6 Lego Brick Pieces (approx. 10)
  • 2×2, 2×4, or longer Bricks Pieces for frames
  • Marble (if you don’t have, you can make a small ball with aluminum foil)

Please change the sizes if you don’t have the same bricks I mentioned.

LEGO Math Activities Probability and Odds

So many pieces!!!

Inspired by the Galton Board Lego Marble Run

Let’s play! Letting it stand at an angle was more comfortable to play.

Learning Probability & Odds with Lego

It was so much fun to see how the marbles run and landed.

Happy learning!

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