Chore Ideas for Kids: Picking up Pinecones

One pinecone = One cent

Our backyard gets so many pinecones in fall and winter. Especially after a windy night, there are pinecones everywhere!! One day, our son was so bored and needed his wiggles out, so we suggested to him if he wants to make money out of picking up pinecones. We told him we would pay him one cent per one pinecone. Good deal???
He was so excited when he saw so many pinecones covered our backyard. About 40 minutes later, he called and told us he finished his job. His garden cart was full! We counted them together and turned out he picked over 600 pinecones!!!!!! That was insane!

He was so happy and satisfied after he earned his chore money. It was a great exercise/boredom buster activity. We are all happy and proud of him every time we looked at the backyard through the window!

Chore Ideas for Kids: Picking up Pinecones

He doesn’t have his chore chart yet, but maybe it is an excellent time to think about making one!

Featured Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

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