What are boogers? (for kids)

You don’t want to eat boogers in your nose.

When my son turned 5, he started to curious about anything about the human body. Also, anything gross was hilarious for him (still is!), so when he saw this book ‘Grossology‘ at the library, his eyes looked like he found the biggest jewel in the world.

Grossology: The Science of Really Gross Things

This book is all about gross stuff. At the same time, it is fascinating, and it explains excellently too. While we were reading ‘Boogers’ pages, we made a booger!

What we used

  • empty fruit cup container (as the nose)
  • vaseline (as mucus) – about 1 tbsp
  • 10 x 2″ yarn snippets (as nose hair)
  • small screwdriver (Jeweler’s Screwdriver)
  • tapes

Step by Step

  1. Make holes on the bottom of the fruit cup container with a small screwdriver. These holes are for yarns. (**Please let the grown-up do this part!).
  2. Put one yarn into each hole as a nose hair.
  3. After putting the yarn into holes, secure them with tape on the outside of the cup.
  4. Distribute about 1 tbsp of vaseline all over inside the cup.

Now, the cup is the inside of the nose.

Next, smear it all over the floor…

What are boogers Activity with Kids

You can see how much junk your mucus stopped from getting inside. Those are the boogers. Gross. Don’t eat those.

Resources for Learning Topics



What’s a Booger? / Kidshealth.org

Happy learning!

Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash

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