Conifer Trees: Science Activity with Kids

Evergreen trees that have cones!

We were learning about the conifer tree. What is conifer? Are they all evergreen trees?

I looked up the dictionary. It says, “Any of an order (Coniferales) of mostly evergreen trees and shrubs. Usually having needle-shaped or scalelike leaves and including forms with true cones and others with an arillate fruit.”

Next, I looked up the American Conifer Society’s website, and they mention that “most simply, plants that have cones. (and yews)”

Finally, we watched the video that teaches what evergreen trees are, and some part was teaching what conifers are.

Trees That Never Lose Their Leaves! | Science for Kids

So cedars, pines, firs and junipers and, etc., are conifer trees.
OK, we feel like we are familiar with what is conifers, so let’s go outside and check them out!

Activity Ideas

Idea 1 – I Spy the conifer trees

Learning what is conifer trees: Science activity for kids
Walking around the neighborhood to find conifer trees

We have many evergreen trees and shrubs in our neighborhood, so we went outside and found which trees are conifer trees. It might be easier to do this activity in winter so that the evergreen trees stand out more.

Idea 2 – Picking up the cones

We can pick up many conifer trees’ cones! There are so many conifer trees in our neighborhood, and we can get many different types of cones. Some look bulkier, and some look longer and huge! Once you find the cones and you can look around and find which trees come from.

Learning what is conifer trees: Science activity for kids
A cone we picked

Idea 3 – Guess That Tree Activity from “Science for Kids” show

Guess That Tree! | Science for Kids

This show’s activity was entertaining and educational. It taught us how to guess which type of evergreen trees by looking at their needles closer. Their needles’ shape will tell you which type! We were very impressed!

Looking at the needles closer
We found this stick with needles.

We found this stick with needles. The needles do not grow in bunches. Then the needle shape is kind of spiky but flat… Not square-shaped… so is this came from a fir tree???

Resources for Learning Topics


What is a Conifer Tree? (American Conifer Society)

Conifer (Britannica Kids)

Happy learning!

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