Telling Time For Kids: How to Tell Time on a Clock

How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time?

How do we know the time these days? Mostly looking at the cell phone. My son is so used to digital clocks, that it was very tricky and hard for him to learn this topic. I believe telling time on an analog clock is still essential, and it will help us to understand how seconds, minutes, hours, and day works.

What We Used

  • Analog clock

I recommend using a real analog clock, not a toy clock. Some toy clock shorthand doesn’t move like an actual clock. We used an old alarm clock we have at home.

Resources for Learning Topics


This video helped me to introduce what is “Telling Time.”


Khan Academy has beneficial videos and lessons.

Video: Telling time (labeled clock) – (Khan Academy)

Practice: Tell time to hour or half-hour (Khan Academy)

Practice: Tell time with a labeled clock (Khan Academy)


2nd Grade Math Worksheets: Telling Time –  (K5 Learning)

These telling time worksheets helped us a lot. K5 Learning offers amazing free math worksheets!

Free Math Worksheets –  (K5 Learning)

Games – “Giraffe Dash

We really like this game. So exciting! Arcademics has many free educational games.

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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