Pretend Play for Kids – Fashion Designer

Pick Colors, Paint, and Design

One day, I was searching for a fitted indoor activity for my son on Pinterest. Then I ran into a great website called “” Her blog has so many excellent ideas and fun free printable for kids’ activities.

We printed out one of her printable called “People Play Dough Mats.” ( We were using it for decoration and having fun, then we came up with the other idea to make our own designer clothing!

What We Used

  • Printable from ‘People Play Dough Mats’
  • Watercolor paper or any thicker paper
  • Watercolor paint or any paint you like to use
  • Scissors
  • Play-Doh
  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons, feathers, yarns, ribbons, etc. for more decoration

Pretend Play Fashion Designer6

First, I cut out the shape of items of clothing and accessories. Then my son painted freely with watercolor paints. I helped him one or two pieces, but he was intensely focused on painting. We waited for a while until everything was dried.

Pretend Play Fashion Designer1

Then he made faces, and he played with clothing items. Finally, he decorated with Play-Doh and buttons, etc. So many possibilities! So fun!

Pretend Play Fashion Designer2Pretend Play Fashion Designer3Pretend Play Fashion Designer10

We dedicated a long time to this fun activity on that day! I was so impressed all design came out so cool and stylish! I hope I can dress them all!

Happy learning!


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