Science Kit Review: Magic Science for Wizards Only

At home Science experiments for kids

My son got this kids science kit for his birthday from his friend. He loves science, especially doing some experiments, so that was a perfect gift for him. He still needed adult supervision to play with this kit back then. Still, it didn’t overwhelm me much because the activity guide’s instructions were very straightforward.



Magic Science for Wizards Only Kids Science Kit (Amazon)

We both liked what they had in the packages. There are some chemicals we had never seen at home, such as cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer, red cabbage powder, color tablets, and zinc sulfide. Those packages made my son feel like a professional chemist. We had fun with some experiments for part of our homeschool science class.

Magic Science for Wizards_Science Kit for kids_2

We put our safety glasses on before playing. Safety first for any experiment! He picked the “magic wands” activity. He found that the texture of cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer was funny. Was it in your diaper when you were baby?


Magic Science for Wizards_Science Kit for kids_1

Test tubes and stand came with it, and these were handy. We dyed the polymer with color tablets.


Magic Science for Wizards_Science Kit for kids_3

We didn’t have any funnel at home, so we rolled the paper and used it as a funnel.

Magic Science for Wizards_Science Kit for kids_4

Yay! We made magic wands! My son was 7 years old back then, and the activities in this kit were very manageable for his age. It might be underwhelming for older kids, but I think it keeps 6 – 7 years old kids happy for hours.

Happy learning!


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