Animal and Plant Cells for Kids

Fun way to learn about cells with kids

Learning Activity Ideas

1. Coloring

The worksheet website “SUPERSTAR WORKSHEETS” has an excellent variety of science worksheets. Their plant and animal cells worksheets are free to download! Great for coloring and also as a reference!

Superstar Worksheets (Animal Cell Worksheets)

Superstar Worksheets (Plant Cell Worksheets)

2. Singing

The Parts of a Cell Song by Jam Campus

We both love his learning song videos! His catchy song stays in the head and loop. Significant to memorize the parts of a cell and characteristics.

3. Making model cells with playdoh

Play doh Animal and Plant Cells Kids made

My son made both cells look at the models we have and the worksheets from the superstar worksheets (details above).

4. Cell Anatomy Model

Cell Anatomy Model Plant cell
Cell Anatomy Model Animal Cell

If your kids are crazy about the cells, I recommend these detailed models. My son loves them from his dad’s office. They are very well made, and parts are removable, so the kids can assemble the model like they play puzzles. Great for learning about the shape of each piece and structure.

Amazon: Plant Cell Model

Amazon: Animal Cell Model

5. Parents can learn too!

It has been an unbelievably long time since I finished school, so I realized how much I forgot about cells. I need to refresh my memories! Even the video is more advanced for little kids; sometimes, they love to watch together and pick and learn fast if they are into them!


Resources for Learning Topics


Plant vs animal cells review – How do plant and animal cells differ? (Khan Academy)

Cell (

Happy learning!

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