LEGO Activities: Balance Scale

LEGO Balance Scale STEM Project 

When my son was 4 years old, it was a BIG Lego phase for him. He was so into looking at the Lego building app and followed the instruction to building what he wanted. We made a LEGO balance scale and weighed candies. It was fun, and it turned out an excellent STEM project to introduce him to how to use scale and what weight is. I want to recommend the source we used back then, but I have NO memories of which one we used… So I found some websites and some Youtube videos. Hope it helps!

How We Played

Lego Balance Scale Activity Ideas for Kids
Lego Balance Scale: Putting some candies on one of the scale plates
Kid playing with Lego balance scale
Lego Balance Scale: He was surprising candies on the left were way heavier than lego pieces!

Resources for Learning Topics


Build a LEGO Balance Scale (

I found this website very educational and explains with STEM learning points of view. I love they have science extensions, and you can get more detailed ideas to teach what the weight is. Great learning source!


LEGO working weighing machine | Tutorial | DIY easy build
Lego scale by Cabane à Idées

This video’s instruction is in French. The animated step by step video helps tons when we make LEGO with preschoolers!

Happy learning!

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