Marshmallow Engineering for Kids

STEM Hands-on Learning with Marshmallows

How to Demonstrate Engineering Principles | Science Projects

We got some mini marshmallows for hot chocolate. We got some extras left, so we tried this Hands-On Engineering activity. My son was in first grade back then, and he got very frustrated with the structure was too waggly and not stable at all. He tried many times, but the squared frame kept collapsing. He was so frustrated and disappointed, but he learned the concept, and we thought about how hard to build tall and safe buildings! Now my son is in 3rd grade, and he can enjoy this project more. Of course, he would be frustrated if the building is collapsed, but now he can handle it better, and he would challenge to come up with solutions! I am so proud of him. Solving a problem is excellent learning! The video above might help how to start the activity.

Challenging Marshmallow Engineering
Why my building is not stable?

What We Used

  • Mini Marshmallows (We used around 30 of them)
  • Toothpicks (Uncooked spaghetti could be substitution)

Resources for Learning Topics


Marshmallow Toothpick Engineering Challenge (The Branch Museum of Architecture & Design)

This architecture and design museum offers printable lesson plans and activities.

Marshmallow and Toothpick Geometry Cards (Teach Beside Me)

This website is selling printable geometry cards for $5. Looks like fun challenges!

Spaghetti Anyone? Building with Pasta (Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA)

Challenging Lesson Plan

Toothpick Tower Engineering Design Challenge (PBS)

1-minute short video: Details: Design and build your own marshmallow and toothpick tower! How tall can you make your tower stand? Use the Engineering Design Process to make the tallest building possible.

Videos (Introducing Engineers and Engineering)

Jessi Has a Problem! by SciShow Kids

Happy learning!

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