Surprise Egg Youtube: Pretend Play Ideas

Make your surprise Eggs without buying

Do you know, “surprise eggs?” Have you ever watched the youtube channel that keeps opening surprise eggs with fun music or soothing voice? First, let me explain about those surprise egg videos. These videos are for the little kids’ viewers, and what they show is ripping the wrapper, open the surprise egg, and then show what is inside.

Giant Surprise Eggs with Kinder Play-Doh Toys Anna & Elsa (FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review)
NEW Huge 101 Surprise Egg Opening Kinder Surprise Elmo Disney Pixar Cars Mickey Minnie Mouse (Baby Big Mouth)

I still don’t remember why, but my son started loving these youtube videos back then when he was three years old (in 2015!). He wanted to watch the same video over and over every day. It was so adorable at first when we found how much he loved them. However, after a week or so, I was so bored to watch somebody just open many eggs. I know my son LOVES them, but as a grownup lady, I got tired of them… (I know those videos are super entertaining for little kids, though.) So I bought some plastic Easter eggs from the shop, put some candies or small toys he had inside, and wrapped them with some colored tissue papers or aluminum foils.

Pretend play with wrapped plastic eggs as surprise eggs
Playing with wrapped plastic eggs as surprise eggs

My son was so happy when he saw them, but the surprising part was he started mimicking how those Youtubers were performing on the camera. Then he asked me to play those videos so that he can play the same background music! It was funny to watch him acting like a Youtuber and explained what is inside each egg!

What We Used

*Caution: Since we used the small toys and candies, please do this activity under grownup supervising!

  • Plastic Easter eggs (The kind you can open)
  • Colored tissue papers, aluminum foils, or something you want to wrap the plastic eggs
  • Some candies or little toys that fit inside the plastic eggs

Happy learning!

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