3D Drawing Practice

Practice how to draw buildings in 3D

My son loved to draw many characters from Minecraft. Back then, he found that sometimes it was challenging for him to draw them in 3D. One day, I was looking for something fun for our art class project, then I ran into this excellent website with a great tutorial on how to draw 3D buildings. I thought this project could be great practice for him.

How to Draw Easy 3D Buildings

by Art Projects for Kids (artprojectsforkids.org) 

The blog author has so many excellent how-to-draw projects varieties we want to try!

What We Used

We skipped the coloring part of the original tutorial because, unfortunately, we ran out our time!

How We Did

It was challenging at first for my son, but the instructions are step by step, very helpful, and easy to follow for kids. He enjoyed the drawing, and he improved his skills when he drew Minecraft characters!

Here is a beautiful video tutorial of drawing cubes step by step. Elegant tutorial, and we also enjoyed watching how to shade cube.

Happy learning!

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