Interjections for Kids

Interjection examples: Wow! Pow! Ouch! Hurray!

Feelings and emotions! Excitement, anger, happiness, sadness, and more! We use them every day, even for expressing mild emotions. Learning interjections with kids is full of fun.

Activity Ideas

Idea 1: Watch “Interjections!” from Schoolhouse Rock: Season 2, Episode 4

I can’t believe this song was aired in 1973. (47 years ago!?!?!?) The song is very catchy and fun to sing along with. It helped my son a lot to understand the idea of what interjections are. School House Rock used to be available at, but they moved them to Disney+ (subscription required). You might be able to find them on YouTube, but maybe they are not officially posted.

Idea 2: Make a comic with a lot of interjections

I found the excellent blog, “” Her blog has SO MANY great activity ideas for kids and offers fabulous free printables. I downloaded her free printable comic book templates (from, and we had so much fun!

Interjections for Kids Comic Activity
Interjections for Kids Comic Activity

Resources for Learning Topics


Professor Grammar INTERJECTIONS


Cool! Whoa! Ah and Oh!: What Is an Interjection? / Available on epic! Book (subscription required)

Happy learning!

Featured Photo by T on Unsplash

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