Consonants and Vowels for Kids (Part 2)

A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y

It was fun to sort consonants and vowels. We learned “Y” is the special one! Y can be both consonant and vowel! Yay! Part 1 is here with free download Worksheet.

This time, we used neon dot stickers for sorting. I wrote whole alphabets and extra ‘y’ on each sticker. My son was so excited to use these dot stickers, and the lesson went so much fun!

What we used

  • Dot stickers (We got them from Target. 300ct for about $1.20)
  • Sharpie (Write down whole alphabet letters and extra ‘y’ on dot stickers)
  • Paper (Use line and separate vowels and consonants: Please check the image below)
Consonants and Vowels for Kids - Sorting stickers

Resources for Learning Topics


Shaw English Online: English Consonants + Vowels

It was a very simple and clear video. It was so helpful.

Worksheets Free Worksheet (Vowels and Consonants) 

A very cute worksheet from It was free and no sign up required.

Happy learning!

Inspired Photo by Jessicah Hast on Unsplash

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