Adjectives for Kids: Fun Activity Part1

Matching adjectives and pictures

When we were learning adjectives, we had so much fun with many activities. My son learned many words from his reading back then, but he didn’t know what adjectives were. We watched the Schoolhouse Rock video first to understand the concept. He loved the song, and we watched it over and over again. After he used to the music, we clap hands when we heard the adjectives in the lyric. Schoolhouse Rock made so many great songs! I saw the performer’s name, and it was Blossom Dearie. I like to listen to her other songs, so it was a big surprise to me!

Video: Schoolhouse Rock – Adjectives

Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar – Unpack Your Adjectives Music Video

Matching Activity We Had Fun

The image is what my son did. I randomly printed images from the internet at home, and my son freely wrote the adjectives under each picture. It was fun to look at which adjectives he picked!

Matching Adjectives and Images (First grade)

Activity Prep

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • The printed PDF file below *Please read terms of use

Free Download PDF


Adjectives Activity_PDF_Spongykids

How to use

Activity Idea 1: Your own adjectives

Adjective Activity Part1 – Page 1

Print out “Page 1” and fill in the blank with the adjectives your children picked.

Activity Idea 2: Match with sample adjectives

Adjective Activity Part1 – Page 2

Print out “page 2” and cut them out. Match adjectives on the images on page 1. Multiple choice would be fun too.

Resources for Learning Topics


Parts of Speech for Kids: What is an Adjective?

Adjectives Anchor Chart for Kids

March Mishmash! (A Cupcake for The Teacher)

Through searching on Pinterest, I found the excellent adjective anchor chart on this website. I saw so many charts, but I liked hers the most. It is very colorful, fun, and also effortless to understand. Other activities on this website look so fun too. I want to try them in the future!

Happy learning!

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